Include your description here about the training session.

You can link to other good examples that are similar if you want. This is just filler text to give you an idea of how this section will work. Blah blah blah blah. Use the included KwiktactiX session planner to host sport discussions, debates, presentations, seminars and demonstrations with up to 10 people.

Invite your colleagues, friends, peers or family to draw, move, add, remove items you or anyone else have placed onto the planner live.

Send meeting invites out directly to as many emails addresses you need too using your library management portal.

Allow anyone you want to use your library’s interactive session planner to create content for you when you are not around so you can publish it at a later date!

Upload your own content you want to draw over and discuss live with your peers.

And if you have a requirement to present to large audiences then this is something we can easily configure for you in seconds, just let us know how many people you need to view your session planner.